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So, tonight I put on my 1.25 BL. Which included lowering my fan shroud, and i also added a GM gas filler neck to fix my back-splash issue while filling the tank.

One issue. I went to start my TJ to go fill up and test the gas neck and.... Nothing.

I turn the key to the accessory position, can hear the fuel pump kick on, then when i try to turn it over there's nothing. I here a single relay give out one tick, but other than that absolutely nothing.

My voltage seems fine. I did listen to my stereo the whole time i was working, but the voltage meter reads right at the dot under 14V.

I decided to call it quits for tonight, but i figured i'd ask for advice before i go out tomorrow and start trying to track down the issue.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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