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Going to go check out what might be my first jeep.
i have checked out 4 or 5 at some of the local lots.
looking for stuff i have learned about on here.

i have a appt. at a 4x4 jeep/truck shop in St.Louis ,(for my peice of mind)
to get it checked out if i like it.
i think he should be able to check most of the machanical/frame stuff.
but i will look as well when its on the lift.
-make sure tranny dont pop out of gear.( 6 speed)
-test 4x4.
-check heat/ac controls for proper operation .
-test cruse controls.
-check floor pans.
-body & frame rust.
-leaks ,drips and wet spots from eng. to rear end.
-he told me it was stock suspension.

so what eles?????
thanks in advance.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts