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Tons of TJ parts. New Lenox, IL

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Ok here's a list of things I have for sale. Larger items I will not ship

Front tj Forrest green fenders/inners

Front and rear Forrest green flares

4" xenon flat fenders front/rear.

Front bumper with winch hoop and shackle mounts. Bought it local. Looks like a custom design.

Rear bumper with receiver hitch and shackle mounts.

Front/rear stock bumpers

Both passenger and driver side battery trays

Rampage frameless top-pretty much brand new (I haven't put it on yet. Want to see how it looks first. If I like it I'll be getting rid of my bestop frameless sun rider)

OR Fab tire carrier with jerry can capabilities

Factory fogs with plugs- 1 light burnt out

Both visors- spice or tan

I think that is it for now. I'd have to double check what I have in my shop.

PM me offers for these. Again, located in New Lenox,IL
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Here's a pic of the bumper. Has some surface rust but needs to be repainted anyways. I drilled 2 holes in each side of the hoop too to run the wiring for hose lights.

And the flares. I have more but the lighting is really crappy


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I don't have a picture of the rear bumper or the soft top. Top is still in boxes. Won't be until Saturday I can get pics. I will be in new lenox sat-Sunday if anyone wants to look at/ pick up parts.

Tire carrier is with me in Chicago.

(Everything is first come first serve. I'll try and hold something but I've been down that road before and choose not to again!)
Price on flat fenders front and rear to 43130.
Tire carrier and a stock website photo of what the rear bumper looks like


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Sale pending on the tire carrier and fogs
Any rust on the front fenders? If not how much shipped to 46582? Just fenders...not flares.
What do you want for that bumper with winch plate?
How much for the rear bumper? Plus would you ship it?
Shipping would probably kill any deal you'd get on this.
Shipping would probably kill any deal you'd get on this.
okay thanks then never mind
OR Fab tire carrier is sold
Factory fogs are sold
Rear bumper is pending today...

Adding a set of warn rocker guards to the list. one is partially bare and one is black (looks like a rattle can truck bed liner). I started working on these and then went a different route. These, I probably will not ship, unless you want to pay the shipping....

I am going to sell the Rampage top. Everything is like new. Comes with header bar as well.
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