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Disagree with the Mustang and I like 'stangs. I thought the retro 2005-2010 looked about perfect. The redesign in 2011, one of which I owned, was a much better balance of retro and new than the current car. Ford is going the "branding" route with every car and even the new F-150 having the Fusion look. The Mustang as an automobile used to be worthy of it's namesake, a wild and free roaming stallion. The new car has been forced to conform in too many ways. Yeah I know the IRS makes the car handle better but it added a ton of weight. The new Mustang may be a better car but it is a worse Mustang.

The JK was a pleasant surprise. The Golf was a good choice as was the Miata.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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