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Is there any soft tops that will work with both soft uppers (for summertime) and full steel (for winter?) I already have the full steel doors that came with my YJ.

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Bestop Supertop will.

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Yep... tj uppers can be modified to work
It's a simple modification if you have a welder or a friend with a welder.
To make the TJ uppers fit a YJ half door, you need to cut the rearmost peg off and weld it in place where it'll fit the YJ door.

You can usually find TJ soft uppers for a reasonable price. New YJ uppers from Bestop are top quality (no pun) but are a bit pricey.

Good Luck, L.M.

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Find someone with TJ soft uppers to make sure the angle on the front will work. The TJ windshield is angled back more than on the CJ7/YJ. On the hard tops, if you place a YJ hard top on a TJ, it will stick out over the windshield by 1 1/2 inches. The full door on the YJ/CJ7 has a vent window, the TJ has only a small black triangle where the vent window was released.

Look at photos of the CJ7/YJ with a hard top and full door compared to a TJ with a hard top and full door. The TJs with soft tops have a door surround that mimics the profile of the hard top upper door opening.

Bestop does offer a SuperTop with half door uppers that match the door profile of the full door. In fact the instructions for the top show the full door when installing the top. There is a horizontal bar along the top of the door opening and a flap on the top fabric wraps around it. Looking at the Supertop frame, I'm not sure if it can be folded down easily however.

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No the windshield frame is not angled back more... and no the yj top does not hang out from the front of a tj windshield... Both are somewhat common misconceptions.... I have first hand knowlege.....

the tj uppers absolutely will work

Further I have a yj supertop and it folds down much easier than the oem yj top
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