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Has anyone used one of these?

Products – Top Lift Pros


They look super simple and fast. Almost regret spending 750 on the Lange Hoist a Cart. Takes way longer to get the top off.

Here is a very positive review from a fellow Wrangler Forum member (DrTaco):

I called a few weeks ago and they were very friendly and answered all my questions. I am picking mine up at Jeep Beach next week. They are having a special and I don't have to pay for shipping. I am getting a secure trunk system in my JKU so they are going to asemble mine and slightly modify it so that I don't have any problems.

Here is the link to the slipstream secure trunk I'm getting:

If you look at the pictures, they are going to make a slight modification that allows the cart to go over the slipstream. I can give you the guys name and number from Toplift Pros if you want. They were very accommodating.

They will also be at Jeep Beach 2017 if you can make it.


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I bought a hoist a cart and regret it. Its been a bigger PITA than trying to manhandle things myself. Even with an electric drill to operate it, it takes too long. And there isn't enough weight on the cable to prevent backlash on the winch.

I wish I had seen this one first. Looks way easier and worth the little extra money.

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