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2016 Wrangler JKU sport.
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Yes there's probably a 100 threads about what kind of TPMS but I like starting threads anyway. :)

So I have a new (used set) of OEM JL Rubicon Wheels going on my Jeep soon along with brand new 285/75/17 tires. What's a good brand of TPMS's? I'm selling my OEM Jeep bronze anniversary wheels (like new) with tires (40% tread) along with the sensors. To much a pita trying break tires them down imo to remove the existing sensors ....

I don't want to break the bank (already have) but I seriously question sensors that are selling for 25 or 30 for 4 sensors? Can't see where they would last very long?

So for those that have installed new sensors what's a good reliable brand that's not outragiously expensive... Thanks for any input.
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