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Trackbar necessary?

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TB necessary for 2.5 inch lift with 35 in tires?
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Necessary? Probably not, but I definitely advise it. First you'll need an adjustable trackbar to recenter your front axle after the lift. Second, the increased stress of heavier tires COULD contribute to wallowing out the trackbar mounting holes. My opinion best way to prevent that is with a beefy Trackbar and swapping hardware from 14mm stock bolts to Grade 8 9/16" bolts. Best deal is just to do the full Northridge4x4 bolt upgrade when you do the lift. That's what I did. It might add 30-45 minutes to your install but the piece of mind was worth it to me.

Feel free to check my build thread for some install write ups and a few pics.

Not necessary. I wouldn't even call it advisable. The axle will shift sideways when you install the lift but not enough to affect alignment or anything. I couldn't even tell on mine until I measured it. The stock bar is adequate for most situations but a new TB isn't going to hurt.

DealerJoe's advice is good. If you decided to get one, get a good adjustable bar. Teraflex's Monster Tb gets a lot of good reviews and it's plenty strong. The bolt is a good advise too. In fact, changing out all the TB and lower control arm bolts is a good idea. Keeping them properly torqued is too.
I agree, you don't need it.
I do agree with the first guy on switching AT LEAST the track bar bolts. Mine wallowed out on the frame side and I had to get a synergy brace. Shitty stuff
Definitely not necessary but I'd get one. I run a rock krawler front adjustable track bar and Rock krawlers rear weld-on track bar bracket with my 2.5" and 35s. With enough weight on the 35s trying to turn them can flex the stock front TB.

I would recommend metal cloaks adjustable front track bar, they make solid stuff and theirs is solid chromoly and has a high clearance for HD diff covers, my RK tb hits my HD riddler diff cover on my front 44. And the metal cloaks is a good price a lot better than the teraflex

If you never plan on running an HD diff cover and just running a diff skid I'd recommend the Rock krawlers as it is BEEFY!!! Nothing will break this thing, they really mean bomb proof when they say it, and it's a better price than Metalcloak and teraflex.
TB necessary for 2.5 inch lift with 35 in tires?
Ok, just to clarify are you asking if you need a TB (at all) or an adjustable TB? Yes, you need to run one. If you're running larger tires, aftermarket bumpers etc, I would upgrade to an adjustable TB and upgrade to the Grade 8 bolt kit.
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