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Definitely not necessary but I'd get one. I run a rock krawler front adjustable track bar and Rock krawlers rear weld-on track bar bracket with my 2.5" and 35s. With enough weight on the 35s trying to turn them can flex the stock front TB.

I would recommend metal cloaks adjustable front track bar, they make solid stuff and theirs is solid chromoly and has a high clearance for HD diff covers, my RK tb hits my HD riddler diff cover on my front 44. And the metal cloaks is a good price a lot better than the teraflex

If you never plan on running an HD diff cover and just running a diff skid I'd recommend the Rock krawlers as it is BEEFY!!! Nothing will break this thing, they really mean bomb proof when they say it, and it's a better price than Metalcloak and teraflex.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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