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So, I've tried to follow some previous posts regarding rear tracker bars, but the jargon is a bit advanced for me. I'm hoping someone can provide me with a simplified answer.

I have an '09 Rubi with a 5 1/2" long-arm lift. It's on 37's. My rear tracker bar bent during the last trail :facepalm: and I think I need to replace it because it is cheap and, from what I have gathered, it should have been replaced when the Jeep was lifted. (Not sure why, but I'm assuming because the lift altered the geometry)

In addition, from other posts, it appears that I should also replace the front tracker bar and purchase new brackets.

Can anyone tell me if these things are required or just optional and guide me as to what to purchase.

This is what I thought I might need:
Track Bar Mount Kit, JK Lower Rear
Metalcloak JK Rear Track Bar, Solid Chromoly

Thanks, in advance, for your help!


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You don't have any TB brackets ?

Axle brackets for the most part are for roll center.
5+ lift. You can run a raised bracket and A adjustable TB in the rear.
The front Tb can not be raised without a drag link flip.

Ideally you want the roll center to match your lift height but slightly higher in the rear. I know MC makes a rear bracket. Teraflex makes a nice one with multiple heights, and its bolt on.
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