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Trailer to haul Jeep?

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We usually spend our summers out of state and are looking for a trailer to haul the Jeep behind the truck. We are in Colorado and are looking to travel to places such as California, Utah, and mountain locations in Co. I have an 02 Wrangler Sport with a 4 inch lift and 35" tires (not sure if that matters) We were not looking at enclosed trailers due to the height of the Jeep, but is it best to have enclosed while traveling? Any suggestions and advice is greatly appreciated as we have never had to purchase a trailer before!

Thank you!
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The only benefit of flat towing is not having to have a trailer... don't have to buy it, tag it, store it, maintain it, or park/ secure it at ur destination....

Btw, contrary to popular belief, you absolutelu CAN back up a jeep on a tow bar.... the front tires go full lock and scrub and squall and people come running waiving their arms and yelling stop stop stop but it doesn't hurt the jeep other than minimal additional wear on the tires....

I have even backed my jeep on a towbar behind my 38' fifth wheel behind my crew cab dually about 100' and then around a corner.... now that's fun....
Not really... the steering wheel will agressively fight you...

You CAN lock the steering wheel in the center position but honestly the correct approach is to plan ahead and only back up if you make a mistake....
I have flat towed many thousands of miles over 10 plus years and and only backed up a few hundred feet total in all that time.... I am almost always alone.... with a second person it takes about a minute to unhook the jeep and the other person could drive it to a safe place to hook back up.... OR just let the tires scrub n go for it.


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