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I flat tow mine and have a trailer for hauling it..... just depends on where we are going as to which way the Jeep follows us.
Advantages and disadvantages with both ways so it is nice to have the option of either way depending on where we are going and how many toys we are dragging with us.

If we are going camping with a lot of extra room either in the spot or dry camping where we have unlimited room then I trailer it. If we are going camping where the space is limited and no extra room for the trailer then I flat tow the Jeep. I would rather trailer it so if I have anything breaks it is super simple to load it on the trailer and bring it home... OR.... if someone else has something break then I can put their Jeep on the trailer and they can drive mine home. I would also like to think it saves some wear and tear on the Jeep too.

Flat towing is super simple. Craigslist $60 Reese tow bar with a set of Warrior adapters to hook it up to the tow points on the Jeep. Etrailer online for a simple plug and play wiring harness so a person doesn't have to hassle with the magnetic lights. DONE.



For trailering I have a Carson Heavy Duty 20' open trailer with tube railing added and the dovetail deleted. The extra room is great for hauling fire wood, dirt bikes, and extra 'stuffs' out camping.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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