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Trailer to haul Jeep?

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We usually spend our summers out of state and are looking for a trailer to haul the Jeep behind the truck. We are in Colorado and are looking to travel to places such as California, Utah, and mountain locations in Co. I have an 02 Wrangler Sport with a 4 inch lift and 35" tires (not sure if that matters) We were not looking at enclosed trailers due to the height of the Jeep, but is it best to have enclosed while traveling? Any suggestions and advice is greatly appreciated as we have never had to purchase a trailer before!

Thank you!
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Even though I have read that and think I might understand, I also know that folks have driven Jeeps all over the place with no front drive shaft installed without issues....kind of makes you wonder what the difference would be.
The difference is while its being driven the engine is running and the trans is turning and the transfer case oil pump is turning if it is being towed with the transfer case in neutral the oil pump is driven by the front drive which is not turning if its on a dolly so no oil is being pumped to the transfer case:)
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