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Trailer to haul Jeep?

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We usually spend our summers out of state and are looking for a trailer to haul the Jeep behind the truck. We are in Colorado and are looking to travel to places such as California, Utah, and mountain locations in Co. I have an 02 Wrangler Sport with a 4 inch lift and 35" tires (not sure if that matters) We were not looking at enclosed trailers due to the height of the Jeep, but is it best to have enclosed while traveling? Any suggestions and advice is greatly appreciated as we have never had to purchase a trailer before!

Thank you!
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I went from flat towing, to a steel and wood car trailer, to an open 16' aluminum car trailer. After making the switch to aluminum I'll never go back. Yes the aluminum is expensive, but it doesn't rust and weighs 1/2 what a comparable steel trailer weighs. I tow it and my built LJ on 35" tires behind a 1/2 ton Ram and barely know it's there. As I said, not the cheapest option, but another one to consider.
Thank YOU ! We are looking at aluminum trailers as well. Do you feel the 16' better serves the need than a 14' ? our Sport is 10.5' long .. since we know nothing...we are exploring all our options.
A 16' is the minimum I'd consider for hauling. As the three bears say, It's not to long, it's not to short, it's just right. FWIW, in addition to the LJ, I also have a TJ Sport that gets hauled on the trailer (one at a time of course) and, from my perspective, it fits nicely, leaving room for for other items.

To be clear, Gottagofast hit on another important item to consider, i.e. do you have a safe place to store a trailer when not in use? If so, then it's a good option. If not, flat towing would be a cheaper and better option.

Lastly, trailering does also mean some work on your part. You have to hook up the trailer, load the Jeep, and strap it down securely for transport. At this point I have it down to a science and can have everything ready to roll in under 30 minutes. If you end up going the trailer route, do yourself a favor. Get a lockable aluminum storage box and mount it to the trailer tongue. This will give you a place to store a jack, lug wrench, fluids, tools, straps, etc. I picked up one from Tractor Supply and it works fantastic.

If pictures would help, send me a contact number in a PM and I'll snap a few in the next couple days.
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