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I just took a 4000 mile trip to California/Arizona and back last month. I had the Jeep on a tow dolly the entire way. I just disconnected the rear driveshaft from the pinion yoke, taped the u-joint, and bunjee corded the shaft up out of the way. I re-connected and disconnected a few times during the trip whenever I wanted to go wheeling. It wasn't a big deal and I got faster at it each time I did it.

I dont see how thats similar at all? Am I missing something? The Dolly is bad because the T-case is being "spun" while not being lubricated. Spun by the back shaft. Pulling the front shaft while driving in RWD does not change any of that.
I think he was comparing having a jeep on a tow dolly to driving a jeep with the front driveshaft pulled. In both cases the rear output at the t-case is spinning and the front output is not.

Anywho......I think the bigger issue with tow dolly and the OP is, how the hell would it fit? lol. My 35" arent gonna fit on my tow dolly at all. Not even close. lol
I know a lot of the tow dollies aren't wide enough, but the one I rented was plenty wide enough for 12.5 inch wide tires. I only have 10.5s on my jeep, but I had more than an inch clearance on both sides of the tires.
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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