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Where can I find a discontinued wheel?

This is my first post to the forum. I tried researching the site to make sure I'm not asking a question that had already been asked. I apologize if it's been covered.

I recently purchased 5 used TR 17x10 (actually measure 9.5) with a 5x5 bolt pattern. During the purchase I noticed there was one that was a little different. The seller told me that he broke one rim and they sent him that one he was going to fix it but didn't get to returning it.

Come to find out the Hardrock series is no longer offered from TR. There was a foundry that made the rim and when the foundry was purchased by another company that wheel design went with them.

I am looking for any information that could lead towards getting 1 more wheel to match my other 4 so that I can use the spare into the rotation for tire wear.

Thank you Forum community for any suggestions or thoughts towards this dilemma.
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