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Hi Forum.
I bought a 98 Wrangler with a 32rh. It seemed ok on the test drive around the block. The next day I realized the transmission slipped a few times when cold, then just sloppy once it warmed up. It's only got 70k on it. But when I dropped the pan I found it has already been serviced at some point in it's life by the WIX gasket I found in it. The pan was loaded with sludge and the filter was so clogged it was actually holding fluid up in the trans body. About another 3/4 of a quart poured out when I took the filter down. I changed 3 out of the 6 quarts it holds(2.5 trans fluid and a bottle of Lucas). The trany shifts like new again. So What gives? How did this trany get so dirty in such a short amount of miles?

For fluid I used Castrol high mileage fluid(it lists ATF+3) and 20oz of Lucas.
I bought a torque wrench to adjust the bands, but they were already correct according to Haynes, 4 turns rear, 2.25 front.
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