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Welcome your new member, this is my first post here. About month ago I became a happy owner of a 2006 TJ 4.0 with automatic transmission and this is my first Jeep. By the time I got it I knew there is a radiator leak so I ordered a new one and replaced it. 3 weeks of driving and I found myself with a huge puddle of a transmission fluid on the street. Luckily I only drove about a block before I felt a smell of a fluid and stopped imidiatelly. With my radiator replacement I forget to clip one of the cooler lines to a fan housing and it was loose, eventially get pulled by one of steering elements (apologise for terminology) and broke in a middle of a metal part where I had the most of the rust so now I need a replacement. I searched the forum but was not able to find an answer. I apologize if A similar topic exists and appreciate if you point me into it. Trying to make as much of the research as I can so there are my questions:

1. By looking into a service manual I figured out I need this part: (55037624ai). Metal part looks right but I also have another metal section on bose hoses after the rubber part that goes into the radiator with quick disconnect fittings. Is this what I need and the image is wrong?
2. By following the routing I am a bit concerned of how to remove the old line and install the new one. Looks like there are several sharp bends in different directions and lines slso go between the engine block and exhaust. Can I really re-instsll lines without unscrewing cats?
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