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Okay so a buddy of my has an 86 cj7 and today his trans basically took a shit on him. I do not know the details enough to tell you. Its a manual and we are assuming its a T4. He has the 4.2L. But tomorrow when hes done flying at school he is going to check out a T5 that some guy has. Now I told him that I would look into it for him asking you gents whom I think know your stuff.

So some questions:

1) will if he has a t4, is it worth rebuilding or should just get a new/rebuilt one?

2) If he were to get this T5 would it bolt right up just like the other T4? And what is the worth of the T5 would you say?

3) Ar there any other manual transmissions that would better suit it rather than a T4 or T5? By this I mean are the T4 & T5 able to last long and possibly hold up during minimal to light off road use? Not much more than a muddy field or small trail.

4) Will the size of a T5 or any other manual transmission fit right into where the original is? or will there be fabrication or issues with the skid plate not being able to bolt up or any mods that would need to be made?

5) Do you know where we could find one cheap or know of anyone that is selling one? We are from the south suburbs of Chicago

I would like some responses ASAP as I would like to let him know what he is working with before he goes to check out this T5 tomorrow around 2pm.

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