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A little history....I bought the 2013 JK Unlimited back in Sept. It had a slight shudder issue at highway cruising speeds that a tube of LubeGard Shudder Fixx corrected and it had not been an issue since.

Fast forward to last Friday, I start the Jeep, put it in reverse and NOTHING! Try drive and NOTHING. After doing this several times it engages and the Jeep stalls. :censored:

I check the transmission fluid and it is slightly low but the fluid is dark. Dirty.

I want the fluid changed asap so I go to a Jiffy Lube and they suck out the fluid and replace. He runs it through the gears for several minutes and it's shifting into gear just fine. He sucks out the fluid again (which comes out looking just as dirty as the first time) and refills it again with fresh fluid.

Since then, it's been behaving fairly normal. I think the morning after, last Sunday, when I shifted into reverse to stalled. Started it again and it's never happened again.

I do now have some fluid leaking. It was not leaking before. Fluid is dark so it's hard to tell by the sight of it if it's oil or trans fluid.

When driving it shifts perfectly. Any thoughts? Transmission gonna die?
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