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So another frustrating thing happened. I still love my jeep, but come on! Jeep number two and I am seeing a leak trend lol.

Anyways it took me all day or wee to figure out exactly where the leak is coming from. Honestly looked like power steering, but it is transmission fluid. I thought it was a leak between the jumper cable and cooler, but it isnt. It is leaking between the jumper and the cooling return and supply cables.

Any easy fix? I feel like if I need to replace one I need to replace the other because of where it is leaking. I have it all disconnected. I did finally figure theres a tight wire that I need to pop off so that the two pieces separate.

Just sucks to replace the entire system since the supply and return hoses connect into the transmission and that seems to be a pain in the butt to get to. On that note, any easy way to get to them if I have to? Seems like there isnt any room. I saw one video where a guy popped off the plastic piece and then the wire to where the end of the hoses could come and go.

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