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Here I am posting in the JK tech forum again looking for some help!!

I had some warranty work done on the JKU, and they removed my EVO oil pan and trans skid plates. They didn't want to install them again as they are aftermarket parts (I understand), so they left them in the trunk of the Jeep.

A few months later (this past weekend), I attempted to reinstall the skid plates, and come to realize they gave me back the 3 bolts needed for the install, but not the bracket that attaches the trans skid plate to the trans mount bolt.

While feeling around under there where the bracket mounts to, I noticed that they didn't put the nut back onto the trans mount. That is, the mount is a rubber "block" with a bolt coming through it, set at an angle. The trans is lowered down onto these rubber "blocks", and a nut is secured over the bolt, holding the trans down. This nut is missing now.

I've tried using to find the parts # of the nut, with no luck. Called a local dealer, who tried for all of 5 seconds before giving up, and the dealer who did the warranty work is an hour away, so not worth my time to drive back and ask them for a nut. It'd be cheaper to just buy it locally.

Anybody have any idea where I could find the illustration of the trans on its mounts so that I can find this part #?!
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