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Trany bleeding to death.

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2 days ago my auto trany on my 89 yj decided to spill its fluid while just sitting in the driveway. It had been 2 days sense it was drove and it wasn't leaking before. It's poring out the trany to t-case gasket. Just don't understand how that gasket could go to shit just siting there.
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Just one of those things. Most likely had a crack in it that finally split enough to start gushing.
It is a seal and very easy to replace, just take out the T-Case and you got it. <$5 but yes the T-Case has to come down.
Thanks. But I'm working out of town so just gona trailer it home and drop off at the trany shop and go ahead and have the trany and t-case freshend up since I no a pretty good trany mech. It's got 215,000 miles on it so it won't hurt to rebuild them might throw on a sye while he's rebuilding the t-case sense it's already gona be out. Probably gona rebuild the motor to sense the rings are getting bad that way ill be ready for another 200,000.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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