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I had a theory when the Trektop Pro came out that it was a test run for what Bestop would be making for the next gen Wranglers (Bestop makes the factory tops).

It looks like I may have been on the right track.

As per Allpar's recently updated 2017/18 Wrangler Speculation Article:

An allpar source claimed, “The traditional soft top is gone. It appears to have removable soft panels over the substructure. The sport bar design gone. It even appears to have built in grab handles.” If true, this would be consistent with Bob Sheaves’ predictions. He also wrote, “The taillight design will change (my guess with an "x" design, such as the one used in the Renegade), bumpers are mostly the same as current (good for the aftermarket), as well as the tailgate construction [and] 5x5 wheel bolt pattern.”
Sounds an awful lot like a Trektop Pro.


(I also had the same theory that Chrysler's going after BFG for the 34x10.5R17 KO2s on their next gen Wranglers and asked them to put them into production under hush-hush secret contract).
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