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Like everyone else, I can see how pathetic the stock headlights are. And like everyone else I quickly found that the popular choice is to buy Truck-Lites. But I wasn't convinced they were the best option for the price (and I did find a good price). I didn't buy the Truck-Lites, I took another route and worked with Susquehanna Motorsports (


Regarding the Truck-Lites, the best price I was able to find was at Discount Fleet Supply:

Discount Fleet Supply - Heavy Duty Fleet Products - Buy Online! -

SET OF 2 Truck-Lite 7'' Round LED Headlamp, Complex Reflector Optics Design Phase 7 27270C

The price I found was $389.99 with free shipping and...

You can take a 5% discount using this discount code: lifeisgood5

Doing that makes the total $370.49 (no shipping cost).

Here's what I did instead

But, I decided not to go that route and instead went with Susquehanna Motorsports Hella E-Code H4 Headlamps multi-part kit. I don't feel the need to spend more than that when I'll end up supplementing the headlights with driving lights and off road lights (going with Rigid Industries and others).

Their Hella E-Code H4 Headlamps glass lamps complete with wiring harness (handmade, hand soldered, made in-house) with a pair of bulbs (there are options).

SM6024J Headlamp Kit for Jeep Wrangler 2007->. Replaces H13 lamp with Hella E-Code H4 Headlamps -

You buy a pair of bulbs to go with the Hella E-Code H4 Headlamps and I went with Xenon; not a lamp with a ballast, it's a Halogen bulb with Xenon gas and burns at higher temperature.

You can add a blue coating or other coating to bulb. Blue coating filters out extra yellow light gives super white light. Color temp is around 4K. Problem is they don’t just filter yellow light they filter all light. Will lose some light. Heavy coatings can lose 15-20%. I chose not to go with blue coating.

Xenon white bulbs (no blue), they offer at least 5 options but it came down to 3 choices for me based on what I was told:
1. Xenon plus 30% – long life; lasts for years; less output
2. Xenon plus 50% - 50% brighter than stock bulb – no blue; awesome bulb – about $25 for the pair – by Hella
3. Xenon plus 80% - by Philips. Plus 80 is add $50.00.

I ordered E-Code headlights with Xenon Plus 50 and it was $221.00 for the complete kit with wiring harness. $234.78 total including UPS ground shipping and insurance. Compared to the $370.49 for the Truck-Lites, I saved $135.22 going this route.

And the Xenon Plus 50 bulbs cost $12.00 each to replace. The Xenon plus 50 bulbs are white: 3500-3600K (color). If you want it, the Xenon Plus 80 is $246.00 for the kit.

By the way, Susquehanna Motorsports makes the harnesses that people buy for the Truck-Lites. And a certain internet lighting expert apparently buys his harnesses from them as well.

I talked to Will at Susquehanna Motorsports.

Rally Lights, Hella, TerraTrip, Hans, WRC, ZAMP -

Susquehanna MotorSports
13994 Kutztown Road (US-222); Fleetwood, PA 19522
P: 610-944-3233 F: 610 944 3234

By the way, I've always liked Hella Optilux lights but they're pretty expensive. It turns out you can get the same lights from Susquehanna Motorsports - check these out:

They offer the 4” Optilux HID (their part number: 02018). It's a pure white (light color) flood lamp / driving light; can only be used off road. It's the same product that Hella sells (it's made by another company) and their price is $227.00 for kit (pair of lights).

Link to it here:
Optilux 4" HID Driving Lamp Kits and Single Lamps -

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Nice - thanks for this write up. I'm struggling with what additional H4 bulb to buy with this kit (and then I'll probably be struggling with the install). Other than obviously more power, what are the pros and cons to going with the 80% instead of 50%? These are the options I've seen (below).. and I head great things about the Philips. Why did you choose to go xenon instead?

Also, how was the install for this? Were instructions clear/there? Thanks so much!

SM6024JA - 60/55W Hella Halogen

SM6024JB - 100/55W Hella Halogen +$9.56

SM6024JC - 100/80W Hella Halogen +$11.64

SM6024JD - 60/55 Hella Xenon +30% Long Life +$12.78

SM6024JE - 60/55W Hella Xenon +50% +$15.04

SM6024JF - 60/55W Hella Premium Xenon Blue +$28.42

SM6024JH - 75/70W Osram Hyper +$30.24

SM6024JJ - 85/80W Osram Hyper +$30.24

SM6024JK - 60/55W Hella Yellow Star +$8.51

SM6024JL - 80/70W Hella Yellowstar +$12.04

SM6024JM - 110/85W Hella Yellowstar +$21.08

SM6024JN - 65/55W Philips X-treme Power +$40.63

SM6024JP - 100/80W Optilux Xenon Blue +$16.16
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