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My usual M.O. (just had to look this up) is to do only a bit of research and buy a bunch of stuff and make it work. This in the past is has proven to be very costly in both time and money. My latest feat was buying a DNX7160 after "eyeballing" the cheap stereo in my '11 Wrangler. Apparently it doesn't fit.

So now I'm going to purchase the AVH-P5200BT Nav pack from sonicelectronix and am wondering about a couple things I have learned through out this ordeal.

First, is the parking brake bypass the same as the older models where you can just ground it out? I'm not going to be playing XBOX while I'm driving but I do occasionally have kids or friends in the car on long road trips.

Second, this steering wheel thing is kinda out of hand. Every place that would do the install wants to charge gobs of money for it, and I would like to buy it off the internet. Is this something I might be able to install fairly easily after the stereo is installed? Which one do I need? It'd be nice to have these controls but at this time it's not $150 nice.

Third, after this thing is installed how hard is it to pull it out and add something like a back up cam or attach a sub?

Fourth, anything else I need to be wary of? I know it'll be easy to steal, but it will look more like a regular head unit than the 7160. More curious about easily foreseeable problems that I'm likely to run into, because small details are often lost on me.

I got the most basic radio in my Sport Unlimited because if I couldn't get the 730N I knew I was going to swap it out immediately. Also, before anyone attacks the backup cam, I have an uncanny fear of not seeing small children when I back up.

All input - even negative :p - is appreciated.
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