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Turbo/Supercharger meet in Orlando

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Superchargers are welcome too. This is meet is special. Lets do any car that has a Turbo in it....Old car, new car, rare car, junk car. There is not a Manufactures limit come down come all. Trucks, bikes, cars................If you can put a turbo in it and have one in it please feel free to come out and talk about your success stories. Last meet I held turned out ok....this time I want to blow my doors off with so many people. It will be held at the same spot as last time. Home Depot parking lot accross the street from Waterford Lakes town center in orlando florida. If you are facing like you are walking OUT of home depot then its way far in the back lot.

Tell your friends who have chargers, tell them to spread the word to their friends who have turbos.

We will be bringing my camera equipment and shooting this Event. Some video and alot of photography. I will have a couple of photos for free then if you would like a whole cd of eveything we shot there will be a charge. The price will depend on the out come. There We will be accepting orders for sponsorship shots, personal shots, and company shots. Prices will vary. If you were at the last meet we took photos and posted some of the shots from our session on the website but they were stolen. The shots we unfortunatly had to take off since they were copied without permission so we had to remove them. We are working on our buisness web site. We will also have samples of our work available for viewing during the meet. You will need a phone number and email address so we can contact you easily.

My number is 407-756-2441 cell. Time and date has not been set yet. It will be up soon(asap) I would like to get the word out more before then. Yes I will give you guys plenty of time to plan because I to need to plan. Especially with having 7 kids.

I will say it now...There MIGHT be kids there so content of behavior and languages will need to be appropriate. Thank you for you cooperation.
please call me with questions and concerns.