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I have a 2002 wangler sport , turn key nothing happens , the battery is good, change ignition switch and ignition pin still nothing, if I wiggle the key can get all Instrument to work with radio but as soon turn key to start goes dead again
So, you say that when you "wiggle" the key, you activate the entire ignition system which, includes all instrument panel operations, correct? That to me, would indicate something still faulty in or around the ignition key/switch etc.

Basically, through the ignition switch, you send a signal to the solenoid on the starter. That, in turn, (no pun intended) connects BIG POWER, from the large battery cable, on one side of the solenoid on the starter, to the other side of the solenoid and, that kicks in the bendix and, at the same time, spins the starter which, spins the motor.

But, you're not getting that far. Your energizing of the total ignition system is ceasing at the ignition switch 'cause you're not even getting the instrument panel to light up unless you jiggle the switch. So, I'd dig around in or around that ignition switch and it's related components to see what I could find.
Good luck.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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