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Turn signals issues

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2002 with 110,000 miles

This past winter the turn signals (both sides) would stop working whenever the brake was applied, as soon as my foot lifted from the brake, they would start to work again. Now that it has warmed up, my fiancee ordered a new switch, found a video on youtube, and attempted to change it out on the steering column. The new switch did not fix the problem, in fact now (with the old switch, as well as with the new one) the turn signals/hazards will not work at all.

I have an appointment tomorrow with a local mechanic, but any tips before we spend money on this? I was ok drivng it with the brake issue, and I would but it in N if I needed to signal while stopped, but now with it not working at all, its just not safe.

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Sounds like a ground issue. Go one by one to each light housing and make sure there are no corrosion in the bulb housing and where it screws into the tub along with condition of the bulbs. Any corrosion will cause similar issues you are experiencing since the tub is the ground for the housing.
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