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Some of you may have heard CW McCalls "Black Bear Road", the story of a family that rented a u-drive 'em Army Jeep car from a guy named Kuboski, and took the Black Bear road into Telluride. I recommend listening and watching this video... Black Bear Road - A Jeep Adventure with CW McCall - YouTube if you want a chuckle.

What brings the old tune and video to mind is my current situation... I'm renting a Rubicon in Buena Vista, Colorado. Our ordered Rubi is on a train or a truck someplace between Council Bluffs, Iowa and our little town in SW Nebraska, but we had this trip planned with family including a weeks cabin rental, and since I let my daughter steal my modified TJ, I figured I'd see if I am going to like the new Rubi I ordered... I'd never been in a JK until yesterday. Leap of faith ordering a new vehicle without so much as a test drive, but I'm a Jeep lover... how bad could it be?

The rental Rubi has the 3.8 which I am officially glad I'm not getting. It really is weak at altitude, but my excursion up Mt. Antero made me realize that the long wheelbase will be appreciated most of the time. Takes a bit of getting used to driving a Jeep with a slush box transmission off road, but once I remembered that I had to shift the transmission in to neutral to get into and out of 4L it became little more than a drive in the country.

I'm hopeful my JKU will be ready for us when we get home in a week... I can hardly wait to start upgrades beyond what the rental u-drive 'em Army Jeep car has.
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