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We seem to be having an issue with the Uconnect connecting when the Jeep is turned off and the key removed. It has resulted in the battery being drained after sitting for more than a couple days. Also while the Jeep is driving and using the BT connection to play music through the phone, it will drop the connection. We turn off the radio and then back on. It connects right away to the BT, but drops again after a variable amount of time.

The reason I feel it is somehow the Uconnect draining the battery is I will randomly find my phone has connected to the Uconnect while in the house and the Jeep is not running and the keys are not in it.

Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated. Would like to have some knowledge before going to dealer and having them waste my time chasing my tail.

Other information:
Stock radio and sound system from dealer. Basic head unit with Alpine speakers and sub.

I have installed a Voswitch 8 switch controller
All aftermarket electronics have been run through it.
light bar
Rear bumper lights
Winch power interrupt switch
Light bar and pods halo controller
It has a master power switch that has to be on for anything to operate and it has a low level meter that turns everything off so you can still start the Jeep.

No engine mods.

Thank you for your help and time.
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