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Unlimited Rubicon..

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Ok here is the thing i really want to trade my 05 LJ for a 06 unlimited rubicon. I saw one at a local dealer the other day it was a hardtop also which i want. I was thinking if i was going to put a lift lockers and so on my 05 lj why not just go a trade mine in for the lj rubicon and have the lockers tires hardtop plus i want the 6 speed manuel all i have to do is ask my parents i know my dad says yes lets go make a deal but on the other hand my mom make that face she always makes when she doesnt think its a samrts idea so please guys wish me good luck.

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If you are paying cash, good luck. If you are financing, that's a huge mistake.
Nothing like starting out your life in deep debt. But, anyway, good luck.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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