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Unlimited Rubicon..

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Ok here is the thing i really want to trade my 05 LJ for a 06 unlimited rubicon. I saw one at a local dealer the other day it was a hardtop also which i want. I was thinking if i was going to put a lift lockers and so on my 05 lj why not just go a trade mine in for the lj rubicon and have the lockers tires hardtop plus i want the 6 speed manuel all i have to do is ask my parents i know my dad says yes lets go make a deal but on the other hand my mom make that face she always makes when she doesnt think its a samrts idea so please guys wish me good luck.

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Yeah, I don't know. With an 05 you'll probably be way upside down in it. I would just work on keeping your current one for a spell, and not worry about the new model for a few years. The second you roll 'em off the lot you lose thousands. I would at least give jeep tales a heads up to see if he can give you the skinny on trade in versus what the dealers would try to stick you for. You might even be better trading on an 05 rubicon unlimited, because of the new model, you may get a better deal.
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