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My mechanic/friend/Jeep enthusiast told me that the skidplate/crossmember is bolted into "captive nuts" (or threaded holes--can't remember which) within the bottom of the frame. In other words, unlike most such applications, IME, it isn't through-bolted anywhere.

And he explained that the "captive nuts" rust out, and spin, inside the frame, making them a pain/impossible to hold, to tighten (or, he told me the frame merely has threaded holes in it--again, I can't remember).

ANYWAY, to my consternation, I learned that he had merely welded the crossmember/skid plate TO the frame. Since he replaced the original tranny with one (and a transfer case) from a '99 Cherokee, and did the clutch at that time, he wasn't too worried about needing to remove the skidplate/crossmember (he bought the Jeep for plowing his business, so that makes sense, for him--he said he'd just "...cut it off and re-weld it, if need be...").

And I'm sure he would--no problem. He is extremely skilled, and seemingly fearless--LOL.

But you should ensure that whatever holds your bolts in that frame is/are in good shape. I'm sure others can shed more light, as I've seen at least one person here who's photos showed that they appear to have welded plates onto the bottom of the frame, where the bolts go, between the frame and the skid plate.

I assume that was to allow the use of new "captive nuts" or frame-threading, etc....

Just thought I should raise your awareness of this (potential) issue--but again, please consult the experts, for any needed solution(s).

And please, experts: if I've misinformed the OP, please feel free to correct me, so us noobs can all learn together. :)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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