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1) WAY more road comfort than any previous Jeep I've ever had;

2) just filled w/my 3rd tank of gas:

239 miles/10.2 gals=23.4 mpg

yes, 85% was on rural highway or freeway, rest in city traffic. I'm pleased. Kept rolling at 55~62/1300~1500 rpm for most of hiway drive this time. yea cruise control!!!

3) MODS:
special keys from iKey. strange programming issues not quite right yet but is promising on the $17.95 transducer vs the 3 button $107 duplicate.

Also: got fire extinguishers at CostCo: 2/$32.
Rarely need 'em but had a couple come in so handy it's part of my regular go-kit.

Got upgrade spendy $6.99/gal Prestone washer-cleaner stuff. It seems to work in our brief below freezing few days. Got tired of the blue stuff not performing as promised.

suffered windshield rock-chip from passing truck. Patch job is $60 range; new glass is $400 installed; deductible is $500....*kaff*kaff*....
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