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Upgrading Stock 2015 JKU Sport to 33's

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I currently have a stock JKU with the 225/75/16 wheels and after much time spent on the forums it seems that the biggest tire I can put on without any upgrades is a 285/75/16. Has anyone done this already and have pictures to compare? Also whats a good tire in that size for a DD?

Also I've heard that I'd need at least 1.5" spacers to maintain the current turn radius...true/false?
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Welcome to the Forum!

Go to the picture to find all the pictures you might ever want.

1.5" spacers will provide enough clearance on the stock rims for a 35x12.5 tire so you can get away with smaller spacers for narrower tires. Just make sure the spacers are good quality and hub centric. Also make sure you check the torque on the spacer to rotor lugs on a regular basis.
Are the spidertrax spacers pretty good quality? They mount directly to the original threads as opposed to sitting between the tire and wheel mount so I'd assume thats good...

If I'm using it as a daily driver would 35's be too big? Or would i have to start messing with gears and what-not
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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