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Used 1995 Wrangler, opions?

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Hello. New to the forums, never owned a Jeep. I had found this listing, I have only driven my roomates 2003 wrangler and loved it. I was looking for something cheap to tool around in for the summer. I was wondering if there is anything I should look out for when buying the Jeep. I have been told to stay away from the 4 cylinders, but I wanted some experienced opions.


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My two cents....The owner was right, "it's a steal." In other words he'll be stealing your $$$$. I'd question a coverup "rattle can" paint job. It almost screams covering up rust or poor bondo work. If you are serious check it all for rust, etc.

There are deals to be had out there. Going to come down to how serious you are and how long you're willing to wait. I hunted for over six months for my YJ.

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With any Jeep make sure you look it over good for rust or trail abuse. Especially if you are looking for something cheap. This might not be that bad of a Jeep if this is the budget you are looking for. For 2 grand you have to assume there could be a few problems.
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