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His 5th gear isn't useable
You said he's on 33's right? Im on 33's with 4.10 gears, which is lower than reccommended for 33's and a 5spd...but better than stock gears. Not sure why the PO went with those gears, but my jeep is the same way...cant use 5th and maintain rpms...and cant coast. I have to give it (a little) gas down hills sometimes. I always assumed it was PO's choice of gears that caused that...never looked into it so idk

Now back to the topic...the jeep your considering
I agree about waiting for a 6 cylinder, based off what everyone says about the lack of power in the four. You can always test drive a 6, just to compare. Ive also read that theres only a slight difference in gas mileage between the 4.0 and 2.5, but again, i never owned a 2.5...just going off of what i read.

And what i really wanted to say...those rims...:flipoff:
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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