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Did a little search but I can't seem to find anything on this topic....Is there any good way to control the audio system WITHOUT using voice commands? I have the 130RES system. I know you can use the right hand knob to scroll through artists, playlists, etc., and select them that way, but what about commands like "Shuffle Music On/Off", "Play all songs", stuff like that? And is there any way to make the radio remember your preference? Mostly I like to play my music collection directly from a USB stick in the console, and usually I prefer to just have it shuffle the whole device. It took me awhile just to figure out exactly what command to say to make it do what I want, and often times I get a mis-recognition when I'm driving (road noise, etc., or maybe I just didn't use the proper phrase) Is there any way to just do this manually?

Also, it's a little aggravating that every time I turn the jeep off, when I get back in it, it goes back to radio instead of going back to the USB that I was playing when I left. So I have to select USB again, and then I have to tell it to shuffle music again or it will just start playing the collection alphabetically. Is there any way to make it just continue with the settings I had selected before?

Sometimes I wonder if all this "progress" is really moving forward.....:pcwhack:

It's a shame, really, because as automotive radios go I think the 130 is laid out very well compared to some others out there today. All the controls are big and well-defined as to what they are....they just don't do what I want them to do.
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