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This was a toughy for sure. Broke off both front and rear ccv's right at the beginning. I noticed that the front one had the little insert knocked out, not sure why but I did this to the new one also. All the bolts and studs came off easy except for the 1 in the very back, trying to lift up the brittle u-shaped plastic housing was very hard. I ended up breaking off a piece of it, which ended up being good, giving me more access with my wobble socket and differential. Pulling the cover off was also a challenge but doable. I used a fel pro rubber gasket with RTV (probably overkill). By the time I got the new one on, it was getting dark , raining, and I got in a rush to get er dun. Didn't use a torque wrench and started in the very back with the hardest one and worked forward alternating sides. Should've started in the middle but too late now. With the studs and bolts, tightened until they snugged up then gave them a little extra, maybe 150 in lbs??? I know I know way too much. I could always loosen all the bolts ( except for that really tough one) and torque them to spec (55 in lbs). Is that worth it? If the cover is already bent, then it really wouldn't help me out by loosening the bts and studs back up right?? Anyways, a tough job with tight spaces, cut up hands and sore knees from kneeling on the front of the body. Started her back up and runs great. Went for a short ride and inspected the seal and looks great!


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