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While wheeling my '13 JKUR in rocks the other day, climbing a steep uphill section, I heard a loud hiss of air, at first I thought I broke the bead on the rear tire. Upon further inspection I found the valve stem sheared off. With just a few threads left on the stem I was able to put on a brass tire deflater, which I cranked down to stop the rapid air loss. I was able to complete that section of rocks and changed to the spare on a flat section of trail.

I have AEV Pintler wheels, which in theory is supposed to protect the valve stem. The stem still sticks out quite a bit, the rock scraped the "protection shoulder" on the wheel and the valve was toast. To my surprise I can't switch over to either flush or shorter length valve stems because of the tire pressure sensors. Guess I'll be looking for wheels with better valve stem protection in the near future :facepalm:
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