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VDP Soundbar Six Speakers with 6.5" Speakers on a 1991 YJ

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I know this has been beaten like a dead horse but I want to make sure that the VDP Soundbar (with 6" advertised stock woofers)

can be removed and replaced with a 6.5" speaker

something like this:"

I called quadratech and VDP with no good clear answer.

Thanks in advance.


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That's a bit of a trick question, as a lot of 6.5's have different template diameters. I'm a big fan of the Polk DB-651's you have pictured here, but they typically seem to run a little smaller than a full size 6.5. When I got the Jeep, I gutted the sound bar as the "components were junk, and had been replaced by PO. He had done a fairly good job by replacing the XYZ speaker with Memphis Audio 6.5' speakers. I pulled them to do the re-fab on the sound bar but since they are nice speakers didn't check the DB-651's.

So, a 6.5 will fit, there is depth. I plugged the tweeter hole and left the midrange hole open to act as a bass reflex for the Memphis.
See Pics.

Good Luck, you'll probably have to fix the lights too. Only good thing about that is the quick connect plug, after you get it right the first time.

Here's thge link to my rebuild of the soundbar

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Just take the grille off and get a rattle can of flat black or matte finish black and spray them.

Another paint that I like the finished looks of is the Rustoleum Hammered. Gives it a wrinkled finish that accents the other parts around it well.
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