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My intention behind this post is to better help vendors provide to their customers. I have worked sales and shipping so I am somewhat familiar with both.

Mt steering stabilizer broke and I wanted to support a vendor that supports this forum. I ordered a new one 2 weeks ago online. I received a "Thank You" email and the invoice that showed that I was billed. In the thank you, I was told that I would be notified when the shipment was made. Being as it was after hours, I understand. Now a few days pass and nothing. I called and they checked - the shipping label was printed, but no shipment. It was a drop shipment from their supplier. A few days more passed and still nothing, so I called again. They said that they would get back with me and verified my email. Still nothing. Third call and still the same. After 2 weeks, the part was ordered from Amazon and delivered in two days. I both called (voicemail) and emailed to cancel the original order and no conformation. So I had to call again, and while the guy was helpful, still didn't really know what was going on.

My advise to the vendors on this forum:
1. If you don't have the part, tell the customer up front. It is better for you to loose the sale than the customer.
2. If the part is a drop shipment from a supplier, don't assume that the process went well. Follow up and verify they are working on the order.
3. Being told the shipping label has been printed is not the same as the item being shipped. Labels fall behind shipping desks, etc..
4. Do not invoice until the part has actually shipped. My money was taken and the part not shipped for 2 weeks. I don't know how long it will be before it is refunded.
5. If you tell someone that you will follow up and get back with them - then do it! That's customer service.

I understand that these are not typical times and even under the best of times, things go wrong. However this is not the first vendor or the first time I have had an experience like this. It may take 5 years to gain a customer, but only 5 seconds to loose one. When a part is broken or I only have one weekend available in the next month, parts need to be delivered on the advertised schedule. I want to buy from vendors that support this forum, but I don't necessarily have to.
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