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I've had one for a couple years now and it has worked great every time. Yes the gauge while filling reads about 10 pounds high, BUT consistently high. I can still expect to stop at an appropriate reading and check with my alternate gauge and I'm good to go. Requires connecting direct to the battery and keep your engine running if your battery is not confidently charged. I recently filled up 4 tires on a minivan and didn't run my engine. I went to start up the Jeep to repark it and the battery was too far drained to restart the engine. This was on my just over 4 year old battery with 75k on the vehicle. I now have a new higher amp battery.

Honestly the time it takes to fill up still feels like I'm waiting on it, just a little compared to a high pressure hose from a gas station. But if I've run aired down I should probably take the time to inspect the vehicle a little so I really am not waiting on the time it takes to air back up.
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