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Vibration ?'s

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Hey hows it going,

This weekend i installed my BB BL and MM's. And i just have a few questions about vibrations.

When hit 50 I think i feel slight slight vibs. But once i get over that its fine and under it is fine.

When you guys say you get vibs how much can you actually feel them? Does it rumble the whole jeep a lot? I can feel it the brake slightly the normal?

I was just wodneirng what i should be looking out for. i dont want to break any seals or anything like that

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vibrations can be anything from barely noticeable to what is lovingly referred to as "Death Wobble". it doesn't sound like your vibs are that bad, so i'd start with a good balance and rotating of your tires. if that doesn't fix them, then either get an alignment or do it yourself(Click me).

but getting them from a BB, BL, and MML are pretty common.

Also, I would double check all your front-end components and all bolts to make sure they are all tie rod, drag link, etc

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sometimes a BL and MML may not solve all vibes so if it is driveline vibes then you will have to cure it with a tcase drop or sye and cv driveshaft...but check the other things first like khenderson said before you start doing the other things.

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eventually i want to run a cv and sye but heres my question.....i'm thinking into the future.......

Right now I have the BB and will problay keep that for while but eventually I am probaly going to want to upgrade to like a 3.5 or 4 inch lift.

If I get the sye and cv now will it still be good for when I go for more lift? Or would i have to get a different size? And whats this i hear about adjustible control arms in the rear for the cv?

My last question is does the cv and sye guarentee no vibs?

thanks for the help
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