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Vibrations at highway speeds

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Well im stumped i have a 97 Wrangler Sport 4.0 32Rh trans, i get vibrations at highway speeds but if engage the 4wd then put back into 2wd it goes away for the most part, all u-joints are new in both driveshafts, ball centering unit in my front driveshaft is new, axle ujoints are new, both hub assemblys are new, all the bearings in my rear axle are new, ive read it could be my steering damper but wont that just mask what is really vibrating in there? also jeep is stock height with 30x9.5R15. any ideas of what is causing this? Today I plan on ripping the driveshafts off again and make sure there is no binding going on.
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maybe loose tranny/transfer mounting bolts or bad mounts
i was also thinking that as well do you know if i can do my 1inch MML while replacing the engine mounts without a BL?
Yes you can add the 1 inch mml without a body lift
I don't know..I do know that my jeeps that have body lifts floorboards stay a lot cooler than my one that doesn't have one
can someone point me towards the mount for the 32RH.. everyone im seeling says ax15 or ax5 which are manual trans.. i dont see why they would be different cuz the tcase seems to be whats mounted but i maybe wrong..
Have you had your tires balanced?
Your front drive shaft splines could be shot. Just try to wiggle your shaft up and down while on the jeep. If the drive shaft moves the splines are wore out.
yea had them balanced still was going on after that, and yup front DS is junk grrr
You can also take off the front dshaft and drive around and if the vibration is gone then you know its your dshaft.
yea now im sure thats where its comin from there is a lot of play in the splines... guess ill have to spend the $300 on a new one, dont really wanna take it out tho with winter comin around the corner up here in wisconsin
what would make these splines wear like that tho, i see the coatin is worn off in some spots, jeep has 118K miles on it, i kno the first time i took it apart when i got it it was dry as hell in there so i cleaned it up and lubed it
Stock or aftermarket wheels?
I just had this exact problem vibrations started around 50-55 and got progressively worse. It turns out that I had a wheel that was out of round

Here's a video I recorded of me spinning the wheel with a jack stand sitting up next to it
stock wheels, tires are about shot tho.. i did have one shop that balanced my tires tell me the rim was bent, so he dismounted the tire and gave me the rim, i took it to another shop they said the rim was fine, and the tire just had a heavy spot in it.. but my front driveshaft does have play in it at the slip yoke, i changed my steering damper today cuz it was leaking, didnt get a chance to get at the ujoints to check for binding and really dont feel like pulling the driveshafts out again.. out, and pulling my front axle shafts to check them.
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