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Vinyl wraps

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Anyone have experience with a wrap on hardtop roof to help cool it? Or wrap experience generally?
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If you are trying to keep the interior cool, look into something like the HotHead Headliners.

There are a few wrapped JKs out there. Here is a matte black one I was able to find quickly. $2k tho!!!
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I know zero about wraps for hard tops.

If it's hot/cold insulating properties you're looking for, check out Hot Heads headliners.

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hot head liners ?

Hotheads - 3M vs Velcro
Saw a couple wrapped JKs at Jeep Jam last OCT here in the FORT. Didn't strike me as something I would want personally......but I also saw/ know a guy part of same Jeep group who has the front of their JK grill wrapped with a flag decal. It looks very good, but don't know that I would do it....what do you do when it starts to tear or peel from being on the front of the JEEP?

Hey if you like it go for each their own.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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