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want feedback from owners of Rough Country 2.5" Lift; or do I go w/Rancho 9000 shocks

I've read many of the lift kit and suspension reviews and now trying to get real world experience from those who have or had the Rough County 2.5 lift. Two 4x4 shops recommended this lift to me based on my driving and that I don't want to spend $1000 just on a kit. I can get this kit for about $800 installed with steering stabilizer, exhaust extension, and a couple other required things. I drive 99.5% on road with off-road being fire roads, farm land, and beach driving.

They said the RC will improve the ride so it will not dive into corners and tighten the steering. I've read on the forum that the coils have bent for some people. Is this b/c of heavy off-road use, hit something, or just road wear-n-tear? Did it improve the ride, were you happy with it, etc? If you got rid of it, why and how long after you installed it?

About my jeep, it's 2012 4-door sahara with 3.21 (yup, newbie error) so it's still new and I don't want to wreck it. It'll be several years before I do even moderate off road. I'll be running 33" tires.

My other idea to improve the ride is to just install Rancho 9000 shocks as the reviews are great and I like the adjustability. But, is that like slapping lipstick on a pig if I don't put on new coils etc?

Appreciate input, thanks.
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