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I'm looking for a replacement rim that is a match to the picture below. An exact match is preferred. I would consider having it shipped to me, if needed.

I have come to find out that the part number may be ALY9026. Below is a link, but I'm looking for a better deal than $150 for a used rim.

Hubcap Haven: ALY9026 Jeep Cherokee Wheel Painted #5GR08TRMAA

If an exact match is too hard to find, you are welcome to contact me if you have a rim that will fit my 2006 Wrangler X and my tire. I would have to use it as the spare. I would prefer it to be in the NY/NJ/CT area, so I could pick it up from the NYC area. I may also be able to pickup anywhere from NY to VA, since I drive down sometimes.

Thanks for your help.



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