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There was a thread a few weeks ago concerning Warn's customer service. As far as I'm concerned, it's first class.

I recently purchased a Warn VR8 EVO, their newest winch line. When I received it, I discovered that the tie plate had a bolt hole stripped out. I found this after I had removed the steel rope, so I could replace it with a synthetic line that I had from my old winch.

I called the company, and told the individual from tech support (if I could remember his name, I'd give him due credit) what my situation was. He took my name and number and told me he'd see what he could do, since they didn't have any spare parts for that particular winch, yet. Two days later, he called me back and told me that he'd found a replacement, and that it would be sent out, asap.

So, kudos to Warn, and to the tech support guys ROCK!
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